Using The POS For Selling of Services


Selling services
Services are Intangible products.
Example: Repairing, Salon & Spa services, Web Development, Accounting, banking, cleaning, consultancy, education, insurance, expertise, medical treatment, transportation and a lot more.
Figure 72 – Manage Stock under Add Products

To add service Go to Add New Products.
2. Add the name of your Service, Like Computer Repair, Accounting, E-Commerce Development, Consulting, Plumber, Saving, Hair Cutting, etc.
3. While adding service-based products uncheck the “Manage Stock? “option. When Manage stock is unchecked or disabled the stock for such products is not managed, because such a product doesn’t have a stock count with it.
4. If user want to add a description for such service like for example in computer repair you want to describe the problem for such service then check the “Enable Product description, IMEI or Serial Number” checkbox.
Figure 73 – Enable Product Description

Now to create invoice or receipt for such service
1. Go to Add Sales or POS screen.
2. Enter the name of the service.
3. If you have enabled “Enable Product description, IMEI or Serial Number”, then it will show you a popup to add a description. If you haven’t enabled description users can click on the button as shown the image below.
4. To print the description in the invoice, go to Setting - Invoice Settings - Invoice Layout - Add new Invoice Layout. And click on the layout you’re using. Enable “Show sale description “.
And Click on “Update” to update the invoice layout.
Now it will display the Description the user entered on the invoice or receipt.

Figure 74 – enable Show Sale Description