Updating the WooCommerce Module

For WooCommerce module 2.0 or higher follow the instruction given in this link.
For older version follow the steps give below:

1. Download the new version available from codecanyon.
2. Extract/Unzip the Zip file.
3. Inside the “DST Systems 1.3-to-WooCommerce-(SaaS-compatible)-V” folder you will find a “WooCommerce” folder.
4. Open your cPanel or DirectAdmin or FTP (filezilla) or localhost, and go to the Modules folder.
5. Delete the existing “Woocommerce” module from your server.
6. Upload the new downloaded “Woocommerce” module.
7. Log in with your Superadmin or Administrator account in POS.
8. Run this URL in your browser:
9. http://yourwebsite.com/woocommerce/install/updateor if you’re using a sub-domain:
10. http://subdomain.yourwebsite.com/woocommerce/install/updateIt will run for a few minutes and show a success message.
11. You can view the version number of WooCommerce module in API Setting screen.