Sync Orders

This option is used to get all orders in WooCommerce website to DST Systems 1.3.

All newly created or updated orders after the last sync get added to DST Systems 1.3. A special tag is also added to the order to mark it as an order from WooCommerce.

NOTE: Orders going to draft:

Reason 1:
When order or sales from WooCommerce is synced with DST Systems 1.3, some orders may go to draft when the sufficient quantity is not available in DST Systems 1.3.

For example, an order from WooCommerce contains 10 Pieces of Pen, if only 7 pieces are available in DST Systems 1.3 then instead of skipping the order, it goes to draft. With this, you can add a sufficient quantity of the products and make the order as final.

Reason 2:
DST Systems 1.3 uses the below order mapping.

‘pending’ => ‘draft’,
‘processing’ => ‘final’,
‘on-hold’ => ‘draft’,
‘completed’ => ‘final’,
‘cancelled’ => ‘draft’,
‘refunded’ => ‘draft’,
‘failed’ => ‘draft’,
‘shipped’ => ‘final’

So, for example, if the order is pending in WooCommerce then it will be marked as a draft in DST Systems 1.3, similarly for other statuses.

NOTE: Automating Orders sync:

You can automate the order syncing by using the Order webhook described below.