Setting up Webhook

1. Go to WooCommerce - API settings - WebHook settings, there you will find Order Created, Order Updated, Order Deleted, Order restored webhook settings containing Webhook Secret & Webhook Delivery URL

2. Copy the Webhook Delivery URL for Order Created and create a new Webhook in WooCommerce. For creating Webhook in WooCommerce refer to this document:
a. Name: Give any name which you can recognize.
b. Status: Active
c. Topic: Order Created
d. Delivery URL: Paste the order created delivery URL from DST Systems 1.3.
e. Secret: keep it blank.
f. API version: WP REST API version 2

3. Click on “Save Webhook” in WooCommerce.
4. Copy the Generated “Secret” from WooCommerce and paste it to Webhook Secret of DST Systems 1.3 Order Created.
5. Repeat the above process for all other (Order Updated, Order Deleted, Order restored)
After configuring when a new order comes it will also be updated in DST Systems 1.3.