Fixed RFID Desktop Reader


Figure 1 – Fixed RFID Desktop Reader Package

Figure 2 – Fixed RFID Desktop Reader with USB

F5002-H: UHF RFID Desktop Reader Product Description

F5002-H is a high end desktop UHF RFID reader/writer with USB interface, which is embedded the M2210 module and -1dBi ceramic antenna. Its reading range can be up to 0.5 meter. F5002-H adopts plastic case, it is compact, small, portable and durable and suitable for desktop application for its rapid and precise reading/writing performance

Product F5002-H Advantage

1.Employed IMPINJ R500 and R2000 RF Chips, up to -82dbm receiving sensitivity and the highest performance in this field makes this module more suitable for harsh application environment.
2. Low power consumption, brilliant performance
3. Provide the most comprehensive functions SDK and ports, easy to integrate RFID software.
4. Adopted integrating RF chip, module performance is more stable, and more suitable for harsh application environment.
5. The use of carrier wave cancellation technology makes the tags reading more accurate and reading scope wider.
6. Enhanced noise suppression function for reliable data capturing.
7. High precision return signal strength (RSSI).
8. Excellent performance of anti-interference
9. Plastic case, small and portable, rugged and durable.