Express Checkout


Payment options:
100% Credit Sales
• To sell on credit to the customer you first need to enable this button by going to Settings - Business Settings - POS - Show Credit Sale Button
• Then on the POS screen, you will be able to see a button “Credit Sale”, simply click this button to make sales on credit.

Half Credit & half payment Sales:
Suppose invoice amount is $1000, customers pay $700 cash and $300 is credit amount on him, then follow these steps:
1. Click on multiple pay button
2. Select the payment method and enter the amount paid by the customer. ($700 in our example)
3. Click finalize payment.
4. Now, the pending amount is automatically added as credit amount on him (or amount to be taken from the customer)

Draft & quotation
This is useful if you want to create a quotation before sales.
Marking a sale as Draft or Quotations will not deduct the available stock.
Users can view all Quotations & Drafts from List Quotation or List Draft respectively. Existing draft/Quotation can be edited to make it as final sales.

Suspended sales
Suspend Sales means unfinished sale or hold Sale.
Suspended sales stock gets deducted from available stock. You can view all suspended sales by clicking on the Yellow Color button present in very top right of screen (above the date).

Some Use Case of Suspended sales
1. In a grocery store, if you have suspended button, you can suspend particular customer’s sales and entertain another customer, when his comeback you can proceed with his sale.
2. In Restaurant, you can suspend the order of customers if not yet paid, and finish it when they finish eating and paid their order, so you can proceed to final sales. You can put Table 1, Table 2, Table 3… so when they finish it’s easy to identify table 3 going to pay.
3. In hotel lots of customers check in stay for 2 nights and order some foods and customers say, just charge to room 024. So you can suspend their orders and edit if there is some additional order and suspend again. Until final it when they pay their bills. on Hotel, on Reference Number: Room 009, Room 012

Card / multiple Pay / cash
• Multiple Pay: Used when the customer wants to pay with different payment methods like some amount by card, some by cash and some other payment methods. This option is also used when the customer doesn’t pay the exact tender amount and you need to calculate the Return Change.
• Card: Used when the customer wants to pay the complete invoice by card.
• Cash: Used when customer pay the exact amount of invoice by cash. If the customer pays less or more amount, then the invoice amount then uses Multiple Pay to get change return.

Adding payments from Contact
Go to contact - Suppliers. Click on actions for the supplier and it will show “Pay Due amount”, click on it and pay the amount. “Pay Due amount” this option is not displayed if there is no payment due.