DST QR Code Inventory System

DST QR Code Inventory System

Track and secure inventory effectively with minimal manpower


Inventory Solution

DST Inventory Tracking System is to serve as a solution for managing rental stocks

Stocks will be registered to the system before being rent out to users

Rented items will be tagged on their product name, asset code, loaned to which user, loan date and time

Web Application - Login Page

Web application is only for stock admin and user admin.

Stock admin and user admin will have a different username and password.

Web Application - Dashboard (Stock Admin)

Important details such as total inventory, number of loans and outstanding loans are shown on the dashboard.

We will provide 1 time dashboard customization for customer.

Benefits Of Our System

Easily Managed Loan Items

Since everything is tracked, system can eliminate stocking issues too and improve security in your facility.

Reduced Labor Cost

Since QR code can be automatically generate and report information when scanned by an our system, it eliminates the labor costs.

Increase In Productivity

Scans More Items, can also process and catalog information faster.

Customized Report & Dashboard

Contains More information. More information also has natural benefits for tracking and tracing products and keeping users and stock manager in the loop.

Reduce In Human Error

As all processes are streamlined online, there is lesser human error.

User Accounts

All Users will have their own account to view their rented items and also to view the return date.

Web Application - Add New Product

Fields required:
Product Name
Product IMEI
Asset NO
Initial Stock

Web Application - Product Management

On this page, we are able to view all products including the status, current stock level and also able to edit or delete the product.

Qr code can be generated and print on each items that is loan out for easier searching through mobile app.

Stock Admin (Mobile App)

Mobile App Flow for stock admin (I.T Executive)

Web Application - Loan Item

Item can also be loan through the web application.

Fields required are:
1. Loanee Email
2. Loanee Password
3. Expected Return Date
4. Remarks

Web Application - Return Item

On This page, the user will return the item loaned and authenticate the process.

Stock Admin (Mobile App)

Mobile App Flow for stock admin (I.T Executive)

Web Application

Mobile Application (Stock Admin)

- Scan Qr Code
- Loan out item / Return item

Web Application ( Stock Admin / User Admin)
User Admin

- Add/Edit/Delete User

Stock Admin

- Add / Edit / Delete User
- Loan / Return Items
- Reports