4 Port UHF RFID Reader

4 Port UHF RFID Reader

F5860-H : Four Port UHF RFID reader

Product DescriptionF5860-H is a four port UHF RFID fixed reader, which embeds the M2240 module. Its communication interfaces can be USB, RS485, RS232, and 100M Ethernet, etc.. It has four TNC antennae interfaces, with a protection level of IP64. Aluminium alloy of the whole body makes this reader more rugged and durable as well as the excellent heat dissipation capability, antijamming capability and lightning-proof ability.

F5860-H is suitable for RFID intensive and more challenging environment and required a higher reading/writing performance, such as warehousing, logistics, production line management, etc..


Product Advantage

1. Employed IMPINJ R2000 RF Chips, up to -82dbm receiving sensitivity and the highest performance in this field make this module more suitable for harsh application environment.
2. Remarkable performance, can achieve a reading distance over 8m for single tag reading with 8dbi RF antenna.
3. Remarkable performance in intensive taps reading can attain a tags identification rate of 400tags/s.
4. Provide the most comprehensive functions SDK and ports, easy to integrate RFID software.
5. Adopted integrating RF chip, module performance is more stable, and more suitable for harsh application environment.
6. The use of carrier wave cancellation technology makes the tags reading more accurate and reading scope wider.
7. Provide four TNC antennae interfaces, users can achieve superior reading performance with less equipment deployment.
8. Enhanced noise suppression function for reliable data capturing.
9. High precision return signal strength (RSSI).
10. Excellent performance of anti-interference and lightning-proof design.
11 Aluninium alloy enclosure, rugged and durable, remarkable performance of heat dissipation.
12. Aesthetic appearance, easy to install.

Name Parameters
Working Voltage DC +12V
Working Temperature -25~+65℃
Operating Humidity ≤95%(+25℃)
Storage Temperature -40~+80℃
Tag Protocol EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C
Working Frequency 840~960 MHz
Supporting Working Area China 1, China 2, US, Canada and other regions following U.S. FCC, Europe and other regions following ETSI EN 302,208 with & without LBT regulations ,Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan
Output Power Software adjustable,step interval 1.0dB, maximum +30dBm
Output Power Flatness ±0.2dBm
Receiving Sensitivity -82dBm
RF Port Standing Wave ≤1.5
Reading Distance ≥10m(with 8dBi antenna)
Multi-tags Reading ≥400tags/s
Interface Communication Rate 115200bps
Working Temprature Detection Support
Intensive Read/Write Mode DRM Support
Antenna Connection Protection Support
RSSI Support
Antennae Interface Four(TNC)
Communication Port USB(A Female)、RS485、RS232(DB-9)and RJ45(100M Ethernet port)
Buzzer Yes
Enclosure aluminum alloy enclosure
Dimension 23.50*18.5*4.3CM
LED indicator light Red LED for power light Green LED for the status indication